6 Signs That You’re A Girl’s Girl


This post was inspired by two of my close friends. These beautiful women understand how to be in community with other women; they model this everyday, in their personal and professional spheres. Today, I honor women like this, and I challenge women who have not quite hit the mark to look at themselves extra closely in the mirror.  Let’s get into it!

The Signs

1. You don’t entertain or defend people who exhibit anti-women behaviors and tendencies.

How this looks in practice:  When heterosexual men characterize their ex-partners as crazy or toxic (or generally say disparaging things), you know that there is more to the story. You don’t rely on his “decontextualized” narrative. You don’t villainize his ex-partner. Instead, you respond with inquiries, or if you’re feeling extra sassy, you bombard him with a series of founded declarations (which is what I chose to do with a man I recently encountered – more on this later).

2. You give women the benefit of the doubt and second chances.

How this looks in practice: Instead of jumping to conclusions or assuming the worst about a woman’s intentions, you choose empathy. You understand that everyone makes mistakes, and you’re willing to offer second chances, fostering an environment of understanding and support. Please note that I said SECOND chances. If a woman is actively harming you, you have every right to remove this individual from your life. 

3. You don’t dismiss other women’s experiences.

How this looks in practice: When a woman shares her experiences, whether positive or challenging, you actively listen and validate her feelings. You avoid minimizing or invalidating her emotions, recognizing the importance of acknowledging and respecting diverse perspectives. You hold space to exchange stories and experiences with other women.

4. You organically support other women; you don’t view other women as competition.

How this looks in practice:  Rather than feeling threatened by the success of other women, you genuinely celebrate their achievements. You offer encouragement, share in their joys, and provide support without allowing envy or competitiveness to overshadow the beauty of collective success.

5. You prioritize building and nurturing relationships with other women.

How this looks in practice: Actively seeking opportunities to connect with and build meaningful relationships with women is a priority for you. Whether it’s through networking events, social gatherings, or mutual interests, you invest time and effort in cultivating strong bonds with the women in your life. 

6. You don’t throw women under the bus for someone’s dusty ass son.  

How this looks in practice: In social or romantic situations, you don’t compromise the well-being of your female friends for the sake of someone else. You stand by your friends, providing support and loyalty, rather than engaging in behavior that undermines the solidarity and trust within your circle of women.

Being a true girl’s girl is about more than just words—it’s reflected in your actions and choices. By actively promoting a supportive and inclusive environment for women, rejecting harmful behaviors, and prioritizing genuine connections, you contribute to the empowerment and celebration of sisterhood. These signs exemplify a commitment to fostering a community where women uplift and stand by each other, creating a space where every woman feels seen, heard, and respected.

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